Septic Tank Inspection

Tuscaloosa Septic Tank Inspection

Why is it necessary to have a septic tank inspection done on my system?

Septic tanks are a crucial part of your home. They regulate and maintain the wastewater produced from our daily use, which is extremely unhygienic. That is why it is recommended to conduct septic tank inspections at least once a year to ensure your whole system's smooth functioning. With proper and regular maintenance, a septic tank can serve you for up to 20 years! And if you avoid regular septic inspections, getting an inspection done during serious problems may end up costing hefty amounts than you had intended to spend! That is why a septic tank inspection is necessary to take necessary measures in case of any septic system failures!

Checking For System Failures

Septic system failures can cause havoc in your homes. It can cause untreated sewage to be released from the tank and cause devastation. Moreover, a prolonged, persistent system failure could result in more expense than tending to them at an early stage. That is why you need to understand if there is any septic failure in the system and when you must opt for septic tank cleaning and septic repairs. 

Some of the signs that may indicate a septic system failure are:

  • Gurgling sound in the plumbing lines after running water or flushing the toilets.
  • Slow water draining at the sinks, baths, showers, or even at the toilets
  • .A foul, rotten egg-like odor is coming from the septic tank or the drain field.
  • Difficulties in flushing the toilet and unclogging it with a plunger.
  • Untreated water backing up into the sinks, washing machines, and bathrooms.
  • Overgrown, lush, green grass growing over the waste field.
  • Standing waters near the tank or over the wastelands.

Once you see any of the stated signs, contact us, and we will help you with all your Tuscaloosa area septic queries!

Our thorough septic tank inspection will include checking the wastewater levels, leaks, overloads, backflow, clogs, or other major or minor irregularities. After the inspection is done, our experts will suggest what actions need to be taken to restore the system's function to normal. As a result, you will be able to keep the health of your septic system intact and ignore any unexpected expenditures in the future!

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