Septic Tank Cleaning

Most Efficient Hydro-Jet Septic Tank Cleaning in Tuscaloosa

Hydro-jetting is a specialized septic tank cleaning system. Hydro-jet cleaning uses pressurized water and a special nozzle to clean the accumulated sludge and clogs at the septic lines and laterals. Either low-pressure or high-pressure hydro jetting can be used depending on the material of the system. Hydro jetting efficiently removes roots, branches and can descale pipes and dissolves stubborn grease buildup easily. It can be regular maintenance to keep your drain lines healthy or as a one-time cleaning procedure along with septic pumping. Moreover, this is a sustainable, green method that would allow you to reuse or correctly dispose of the used water!

When is Hydro-jetting Needed For Your Septic Repairs?

Hydro-jet cleaning is a complex process, and whether you should get this for your septic lines should be decided upon consultation with experts.

Usually, the common reasons why we use Hydro Jet for septic tank service and septic tank cleaning are as follows:

  • If the water draining at your plumbing system is slow, and the tanks look clean, we inspect the lines and if there is any tough sludge and clog in the lines
  • If any tree root or branch is stuck inside your septic lines
  • When unconventional hissing and screeching sounds are coming from your septic lines
  • When bad odor comes from the bathroom or kitchen drains, we inspect to see if hydro jetting is needed

If you see any of the above-mentioned problems with your septic system, you would want to contact us immediately before the situation gets any worse.

If you are looking for well-versed septic tank cleaning and hydro-jetting services in Tuscaloosa, AL, you are in the right place! At Boxelder Septic, our team would inspect your septic system for clogs and any interruptions in the septic line. Accordingly, we will devise an effective hydro jetting plan for your septic repairs, if needed. We would ensure an efficient, cost-effective hydro-jet plan and save you any long-term septic repair expenses!

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